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Call for papers: The airborne microbiome - implications for aerosol transmission and infection control

We are delighted to announce the launch of a thematic series aiming to explore and characterise the airborne microbiome in relation to infectious diseases.
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Featured article: Methods for detecting latent TB need further studies

Existing studies comparing interferon-gamma release assays with tuberculin skin test for identifying latent tuberculosis infection that progresses to active tuberculosis produce inconclusive results in a meta-analysis highlighting the need for further studies.



    Authors:Aline Teixeira Amorim, Lucas Miranda Marques, Guilherme Barreto Campos, Tássia Neves Lobão, Vanesca de Souza Lino, Ricardo Cesar Cintra, Maria Antonieta Andreoli, Luisa Lina Villa, Enrique Boccardo, Antonio Carlos Ricardo Braga Junior, Rossana Verónica Mendoza López, Djanilson Barbosa dos Santos, Gerson Maciel de Souza, Carla Cristina Romano and Jorge Timenetsky
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