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REM Sleep Disorder - Ivanhoe Broadcast News, Inc.


July 17, 2017

When most of us sleep, our bodies enter a state of muscle paralysis. People with this disorder lose that paralysis, and are capable of acting out physical activity in their dreams, which can often times be violent

It’s a condition that causes the body’s immune system to turn against its own muscles … making it difficult to walk or lift heavy things, and is often misdiagnosed or dismissed as a normal part of aging

It’s the last thing many of us would expect; something that’s supposed to make us better, does the opposite. One family is sharing their story in the hopes of preventing this from happening to others

Hip dysplasia is a condition that can lead to painful arthritis and hip replacement surgery. About 35,000 hip replacements are performed each year just for hip dysplasia, but many patients may be too young to have this operation

About 60 percent of patients experience anxiety before surgery. Now, a team of doctors and engineers have found a more entertaining approach to keeping kids calm before a procedure

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