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NVPO Awards 3 Cooperative Agreements in Vaccine Safety Research

National Vaccine Program Office

NVPO Awards 3 Cooperative Agreements in Vaccine Safety Research

The National Vaccine Program Office (NVPO) is pleased to announce the award of 3 cooperative agreements on vaccine safety research and innovation. Research projects selected in 2017 focus on the priority areas of maternal immunization and precision medicine.
2017 Cooperative Agreements in Vaccine Safety Research
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical CenterThis project will focus on maternal immunization safety. The proposed research project aims to validate the Global Alignment of Immunization Safety Assessment in pregnancy (GAIA) maternal and neonatal outcome definitions to standardize the evaluation of the safety of vaccines.
Kaiser Foundation HospitalsThis project will focus on adversomics, which is the study of vaccine adverse reactions using immunogenomics and systems biology approaches. The proposed research project aims to identify inherited, immunologic, and clinical factors that may predict the occurrence of febrile seizures after measles vaccination.
The Rockefeller UniversityThis project will focus on precision medicine. The proposed research project aims to analyze the genetic determinants of the immune response following yellow fever vaccination among individuals who experience serious adverse events.
The NVPO cooperative agreement program offers unique and competitive opportunities to partner on research that supports the U.S. vaccine system and the goals of the National Vaccine Plan. Researchers work closely with NVPO to study key areas that can guide the field. 
Learn more about this year's cooperative agreement program and NVPO's work in vaccine safety.

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