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Clinical Trials Update from NCI, July 25, 2017

Clinical Trials Update from NCI, July 25, 2017

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NCI-COG Pediatric MATCH Trial to Test Targeted Therapies - National Cancer InstituteNCI-COG Pediatric MATCH trial to test targeted drugs in childhood cancers

Patient recruitment began July 24 for this nationwide trial that will explore whether targeted therapies can be effective for children and adolescents with solid tumors that harbor specific genetic mutations and have progressed during or after standard therapy.
Extensive Lymph Node Surgery Does Not Increase Survival in Melanoma

New results from a large international clinical trial suggest a conservative approach to lymph node removal surgery may be best for people with melanoma that has spread to one or a small number of nearby lymph nodes.
Combination Therapy Approved for Lung Cancers with BRAF Mutations - National Cancer InstituteTwo-Drug Combination Approved for Lung Cancers with BRAF Mutations

A pair of phase 2 clinical trials support the Food and Drug Administration’s approval of dabrafenib (Tafinlar®) and trametinib (Mekinist®) in combination for the treatment of metastatic non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) that has an alteration in the BRAF gene called the V600E mutation.
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Patient Safety in Clinical Trials

Federal rules help ensure the safety of people who take part in clinical trials. Learn how these rules are carried out.
Informed Consent

Learn about informed consent and why it is essential to protecting the safety of people who take part in clinical trials.
Children’s Assent

Children cannot legally consent to take part in a trial, but they can take part in making the decision. This page explains how children’s assent works
NCI-Supported Clinical Trials that Are Recruiting Patients 
Pembrolizumab in Treating Patients with Recurrent or Metastatic Medullary Thyroid Cancer

This phase 2 trial studies how well pembrolizumab works in treating patients with medullary thyroid cancer that has come back or spread to other places in the body.
Liposomal Irinotecan and Veliparib in Treating Patients with Solid Tumors

This phase 1 trial studies the side effects and best dose of veliparib when given together with liposomal irinotecan in treating patients with solid tumors.
Anetumab Ravtansine in Treating Patients with Mesothelin Expressing Stage IIIB-IV Lung Cancer That Cannot Be Removed by Surgery

This phase 1/2 trial studies the side effects and best dose of anetumab ravtansine and to see how well it works in treating patients with mesothelin expressing stage IIIB-IV lung cancer that cannot be removed by surgery.
Clinical Trials Update from NCI, July 25, 2017

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