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Diabetes at Work E-News

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Healthy Vision Month
Global Employee Health and Fitness Month
June 12–18—National Men's Health Week
National Safety Month
UV Safety Month

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Healthy Feet Matter!
April is Foot Health Awareness Month. Foot problems are common in people with diabetes. Share information about foot care to help your employees with diabetes keep their feet healthy:
Encourage your employees with diabetes to check their feet every day for sores or other injuries. They may have nerve damage and decreased feeling in their feet and may not know that they have an injury.
Encourage your employees to see a podiatrist (foot doctor) at least once a year.
Share with employees this podcast on how they can prevent foot complications.
Learn more healthy feet tips.
April Is Also National Minority Health Month
Minority populations have a greater chance of developing prediabetes and diabetes.
Find information about prediabetes and some tools and programs on how to prevent type 2 diabetes, such as the National Diabetes Prevention Program.
Find resources in multiple languages for your employees who already have diabetes from the National Diabetes Education Program.
To learn more about National Minority Health Month, visit the Office of Minority Health.
What's new...
National Get Fit Don’t Sit—Wednesday, May 3
Plan healthy activities to encourage employees to get up and move around on this fun day. First, visit the Diabetes at Work Being Active lesson plan, then put in place activities that best fit your company’s culture. Here are a few ideas:
Reserve a room and allow employees to practice yoga or use a hula-hoop.
Display this exercise handout in high-traffic areas or post it on the company intranet.
Encourage people to walk during their lunch breaks.
Have a walk-and-talk meeting.
Challenge employees to take the stairs.
Share success stories.
Ask the Expert
Answers to diabetes in the workplace questions
How can we help our employees better understand their biometric health screening results?
When employees with diabetes get their results, it is important that they talk to their health care team about managing their ABCs. "ABCs" stands for A1C (blood glucose), Blood pressure, and Cholesterol. Managing these levels can help lower the chance of future health complications. Encourage employees to record their ABCs and learn more about managing diabetes by sharing this booklet.

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