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Join us: World TB Day Friday, 3/24

Let’s Unite for World TB Day, March 24

Five ways to raise awareness about TB & drug-resistant TB
World TB day March 24

Globally, two billion people are infected with tuberculosis (TB), the world’s leading infectious disease killer.
TB is deadly and it can also be resistant to antibiotics. Each year, half a million cases across the globe are drug-resistant, meaning the drugs used to treat TB will not kill the bacteria. Extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis (XDR-TB) is the deadliest and most dangerous type. It is resistant to at least four of the best anti-TB drugs and has spread worldwide. Now in more than 105 countries worldwide, XDR-TB is at least 20 times costlier to treat and takes more than two years to cure. In most places, less than half of all patients treated are cured, with death rates as high as 80 percent.
On March 24, join CDC and its partners as we unite to end this deadly disease. Help us educate the public about TB and how it can be stopped.

World TB Day is March 24. Are you ready?

5 ways to raise awareness about TB & drug-resistant TB before next week.
Sign up for CDC’s World TB Day Thunderclap.
Add your social media voice to #UnitetoEndTB!
 Use TB resources to raise awareness:
Engage with CDC on social media at @CDC_TB@CDCGlobal, and @CDC_NCEZIDShare a message with your community:
  • Are you ready for #WorldTBDay on 3/24? Let's raise awareness to #EndTB: #UniteToEndTB #WorldTBDay
  • We can do more to raise awareness about #TB. Find out how: #WorldTBDay #UnitetoEndTB
  • Drug-resistance is a serious threat to our ability to treat & control #TB. CDC is working to fight it: #WorldTBDay #UniteToEndTB
Make your own message! 
Tell @CDCgov how you are creating awareness or supporting efforts to eliminate drug-resistant TB. Use the hashtag #UniteToEndTB or #WorldTBDay.
Tell the world how you’re observing World TB Day: 
Tell CDC and others about your community’s World TB Day activities, and see how others are observing.

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