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FDA Patient Network Newsletter - February 1, 2017 | TOBACCO PRODUCTS

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Smoking can block
Missed the inaugural issue of CTPConnect?
FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products (CTP) recently published its newest issue of CTPConnect, a plainspoken digest with the latest stories from the Center. Want the full experience? Sign up today to receive the next issue of CTPConnect and other important updates from CTP directly to your inbox,

CTP Reporting Portal
Center for Tobacco Products updated safety reporting portal
CTP recently updated its Safety Reporting Portal, an online tool for reporting suspected problems with tobacco products. Whether you’re a consumer, manufacturer, clinical investigator, or health professional, let FDA know about products that seem to be damaged, defective, contaminated, or that smell or taste wrong. More information and to report a safety concern online.
Help FDA Protect Americans from Unlawful Tobacco Product Violations
Have you witnessed a potential tobacco product violation, such as a sale to someone under 18 years of age, flavored cigarette sales, or vending machines that give minors access to tobacco products? We hope you will report these and other potential violations to FDA.
Drug, Device, Tobacco Product, or a Combination? FDA Publishes Final Rule
From e-cigarettes to nicotine gum, products made or derived from tobacco come in a variety of forms and are intended for different uses. That’s why FDA recently issued a final rule that describes when a product is regulated by one of three Centers: Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER), Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH), or Center for Tobacco Products (CTP). This rule is expected to help consumers better distinguish products intended for tobacco cessation from those intended for other uses. Learn more about CTP’s regulation of tobacco products.
FDA Takes Action on Applications Seeking to Market Tobacco Products as Modified Risk
One of the ways FDA is working to improve public health is by ensuring that tobacco products marketed with claims of reduced harm or risk of tobacco-related disease actually do reduce harm or risk of disease. The FDA protects consumers by reviewing “modified risk tobacco product” (MRTP) applications from companies before they can market their product as less harmful or lower risk. The agency recently took action on the first applications to go through this review process. Read more about MRTPs and this action.
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