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Pneumonia vaccines for adults - Harvard Health

Pneumonia vaccines for adults - Harvard Health
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Pneumonia vaccines for adults

This infectious disease can pose a serious health risk for those age 65 and older, but two vaccines can offer sound protection.

 pneumonia vaccine for adults
By Matthew Solan
Executive Editor, Harvard Men's Health Watch
One of the leading health dangers for older adults is pneumonia. It is the most common cause of hospital admissions after childbirth. In fact, adults age 65 and older have a higher risk of death from pneumonia hospitalization than any other reason.
Pneumonia is an infection of the lungs by bacteria, viruses, or other microbes. Most cases are caused by the bacteria Streptococcus pneumoniaeMycoplasma pneumonia, Chlamydia pneumoniaeChlamydia psittaci, and Legionella pneumophila. A similar inflammation of the lung, called pneumonitis, can be caused by an inhaled chemical and is more common in people who have had strokes and have difficulty swallowing. A physical exam, chest x-ray, and blood test can confirm a diagnosis.

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