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Call for submissions to 'Bronchiectasis: The forgotten epidemic' series

Call for papers
Bronchiectasis remains one of the most neglected respiratory diseases of modern times. Consequently, no clear definitions or classification exists and little is known about its true prevalence, particularly in Asia where it appears frequently with an aggressive phenotype. While much aetiology is described, large proportions remain idiopathic.
BMC Pulmonary Medicine is pleased to invite submissions to the thematic series 'Bronchiectasis: The forgotten epidemic' guest edited by Section Editor, Dr Sanjay Chotirmall and Associate Editor, Dr James Chalmers.
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Featured article: Challenges on non-invasive ventilation to treat acute respiratory failure in the elderly

Pulm failure
Acute respiratory failure is a frequent complication in elderly patients especially if suffering from chronic cardio-pulmonary diseases.This review reports and critically analyzes the management of acute respiratory failure in elderly people.
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Featured article: Impact of a bronchial genomic classifier on clinical decision making in patients undergoing diagnostic evaluation for lung cancer

Lung cancer
A study of genomic classifier results that down-classifies a patient from intermediate risk to low risk for lung cancer suggests that the negative (low risk) bronchial genomic classifier result may.reduce the rate that physicians recommend invasive testing among patients.
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