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The Harvard Medical School 6-Week Plan for Healthy Eating - Harvard Health

The Harvard Medical School 6-Week Plan for Healthy Eating - Harvard Health

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“Double dipping” your chip: Dangerous or just...icky?

Double dippers are everywhere — summer barbeques, family reunions, Super Bowl parties — anywhere chips and dip are a staple. These are the people who take a bite and dip their chips a second time when they think no one is looking. Researchers carefully analyzed bacterial contamination before and after a person double dips. Here’s what they found.

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Product Page - 6-Week Plan for Healthy Eating
This week-by-week plan will help you transform your eating habits into a program of nutritious and delicious food choices that can last a lifetime. Applying the latest results from nutrition science, Harvard experts take you by the hand and guide you to create an eating plan to improve heart health, longevity, energy, and vitality.

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7 ways to keep stress — and blood pressure — down

Many people with anxiety disorders have trouble sleeping. That's a problem. Too little sleep affects mood, contributing to irritability and sometimes depression. Vital functions occur during different stages of sleep that leave you feeling rested and energized or help you learn and forge memories. Sleep usually improves when an anxiety disorder is treated. Practicing good "sleep hygiene" helps, too. Here are some steps to take.

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Product Page - 6-Week Plan for Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating

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What is healthy eating?
Week 1: Getting started on the six-week plan
Week 2: Build a better breakfast
Week 3: Healthy up your lunch
Week 4: Make dinner a winner
• ... and more!

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