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PreteenVaxNews: NIS-Teen 2015 Data Released Today


August 2016 I Special Edition

Dear Awardees and Partners,
Today, CDC announced results of the 2015 NIS-Teen in the MMWR(Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report). The results of this survey show that – while occurring at a slower pace – HPV vaccination is becoming more routine. Nationally, six out of 10 teen girls (63 percent) and five out of 10 teen boys (50 percent) have started the HPV vaccination series (i.e., received at least one dose of HPV vaccine), according to data from this report.
While we’re making incremental progress at protecting boys and girls through HPV vaccination, we still have a long way to go to protect our nation’s preteens from future HPV cancers. Our awardees and partners are critical to raising awareness about the importance of vaccination, so we have linked to some resources to assist you with your communication efforts.
Resources include:
Thank you again for all the work you do! If you have any questions or would like any additional information, contact us atpreteenvaccines@cdc.gov for more information.
We have also included some sample social media messages that you can use as is, or tailor to your audience.
Sample Tweets
CDC report shows 5/10 boys and 6/10 girls have gotten 1st HPV shot. Are your children up to date on their vaccines?
HPV vax could prevent over 28,500 HPV cancers every year in the U.S., but many teens behind on HPV shots.
CDC report shows HPV vax becoming more routine in [INSERT STATE], but still much work left to be done.
Sample Post
[XX] out of 10 teen girls and [XX] out of 10 teen boys in [INSERT STATE] have started the HPV vaccination series, according to CDC data released today. CDC encourages parents to talk to their child’s doctor about starting and finishing the HPV vaccine series for their child before they turn 13. Are your children up to date?

HPV Vaccination Roundtable

To increase awareness that the HPV vaccine is cancer prevention, CDC has funded the American Cancer Society to work with partners to promote activities that improve HPV vaccination delivery.
The National HPV Vaccination Roundtable brings together immunization and cancer prevention stakeholders to provide education, outreach, and training to the public and to health care providers. Through engagement and coordination with experts in immunization and cancer, the Roundtable will help promote and implement HPV vaccination, preventing future cancers.
Feel free to share the images below on your Web site or social media. Click each image to see a larger version.

Reminder: AFIX Webinar September 8th at 3pm EST

This webinar will be geared towards AFIX coordinators, AFIX program field staff, trainers of field staff, and immunization managers. Hanan Awwad, CDC’s AFIX Lead, will share resources and tools available that can be used to make AFIX programs more responsive to the unique challenges posed by HPV vaccination. Hanan will also discuss updates and showcase new AFIX materials intended to assist awardees in developing their AFIX program.
Register now for this AFIX webinar.

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