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Million Hearts e-Update: Talking Tobacco Cessation - Check Out These Tips and Tools

Million Hearts: Help prevent 1 million heart attacks and stokes by 2017. E-update.


Tools You Can Use

Million Hearts® in the Community

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    The Science of Million Hearts®

    • Only 6 in 10 Americans are covered by state or local laws banning smoking in public placesA new CDC report finds laws in southern states may favor smokers rather than nonsmokers. No states in the southeast United States have comprehensive smoke-free laws to protect nonsmokers from tobacco fumes. Of the 23 states without comprehensive smoke-free laws, just 14 have local antismoking laws that help protect residents. The other nine have no such laws at either the local or state level, and eight states actually forbid local officials from passing smoke-free laws.
    • CDC: 1 in 4 U.S. adults use tobacco. Despite decades of declining cigarette use, one quarter of U.S. adults still use a tobacco product at least occasionally, CDC reports. The Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report analyzed results from the 2013–2014 National Adult Tobacco Survey. More than 49 million U.S. adults—about 21%—reported using a tobacco product every day or some days, but the number rose to 59 million (about 25%) when researchers included those who used tobacco products only rarely. Cigarettes were used by 17% of adults; smokeless tobacco by 2.5%; e-cigarettes by 3.3%; and hookahs by 0.6%.
    Smoking costs the U.S. public more than $300 billion a year—and for many smokers, their lives and limbs—yet it continues to be a leading risk factor for cardiovascular disease and a leading cause of preventable death. Seventy percent of U.S. smokers want to quit, and only about a third of those who try receive counseling and/or medications to help them succeed. Although smoking rates have declined, between 35 and 40 million adults continue to smoke. Take action to help the millions of Americans who want to quit smoking by checking out recent data from the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report,promoting the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Tips From Former Smokers (Tips) Campaign, and using tools such as the Million Hearts®Tobacco Cessation Protocoland Action Guide.
    —Janet Wright, MD, FACC
    Executive Director, Million Hearts®
    Do This!
    Embed Million Hearts®clinical quality improvement (QI) tools and resources onto your web page!
    Million Hearts® recently launched the Million Hearts® for Clinicians Microsite, a collection of syndicated Million Hearts® messages and QI tools that can easily be embedded into any website. The microsite is an easy and free way to make high-impact and up-to-date Million Hearts®resources available for your clinical audience. Check outhow the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials syndicated the microsite.  

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