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Control your blood sugar by eating the right foods

Harvard Health Publications

Harvard Health Publications

Discover the ingredients for
a healthier and happier you!

Learn how to better control diabetes with foods and meals that are nutritious, well-balanced, and deliciously satisfying!

“What’s for dinner?” We all wrestle with that question. But for anyone with diabetes or prediabetes, that question requires more thought. How can you make a variety of uncomplicated, tasty meals that will satisfy your family — while still controlling your blood sugar, cutting your calories, watching your blood pressure, and keeping tabs on your cholesterol?
That’s what you’ll find in Healthy Eating for Type 2 Diabetes. This report gives you the framework for eating plans you can stick with and dishes that are mindful of your goals, easy to make, and sure to please.
You’ll learn why there is no one “diabetes diet,” but instead several healthy dietary approaches that can help. You’ll read about the components of a healthy diet, how to work with a dietitian, how to develop a meal plan, and how to fit physical activity into your schedule.
In this report, you’ll discover:
  • why it’s important to lose weight if you have diabetes
  • 5 easy ways to cut calories
  • the benefits of low-glycemic eating
  • the value of a food diary
  • hints for healthier eating when dining out
  • tips for preventing blood sugar spikes after eating
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Which sugar substitutes are sweetest — and safest? Can a drink or two a day improve the body’s response to insulin? Why are gluten-free diets not useful for managing diabetes? Why is fiber so important, and what are the best sources? This report will tell you.
And the report brings you 40 recipes that prove food can both taste good and be good for you. Our collection of recipes begins with breakfast and ends with midnight snacks. You’ll find entrees like lemon garlic chicken and chili non carne, sides like mango salsa with black beans, and desserts and treats like cereal cookies and apple cranberry oat crisp.
To your good health,
Gregory D. Curfman, M.D.
Editor in Chief, Harvard Health Publications
 You can stay well — and eat well. Order your copy of Healthy Eating for Type 2 Diabetes today.

Healthy Eating for Type 2 Diabetes
In Healthy Eating for Type 2 Diabetes, you’ll discover...
The ABCs of diabetes control
6 strategies (and secrets) for lasting weight loss
The best choices for fiber, protein, calcium-rich foods, and more
Ratings of 12 sugar substitutes for sweetness and safety
5 ways to quickly restore blood sugar to normal levels
40 recipes from breakfast to midnight snacks, a weekly meal plan, and a recipe index
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