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Make No Mistake, Revenge Is (Bitter) Sweet
Breakthrough in Brain Cancer Research
Vaccine to Prevent Zika Infection in Humans
How Do Stem Cells Know What to Become?
Coffee’s Benefits Slightly Outweigh Risks
This Week's Top 10 Viewed Stories
         1. Senior Moments Explained by Science (2nd week)
June 14, 2016 - Older people struggle to remember important details because their brains can’t resist the irrelevant ‘stuff’ they soak up subconsciously. As a result, they tend to be less confident in their ...
         2. Customize New Knees
NEW YORK CITY. (Ivanhoe Newswire) -- More than 700,000 Americans have knee replacement surgery every year to eliminate chronic pain from worn out joints, and doctors say that number will skyrocket over the nextSubmit decade. Now, a new two-pronged approach is helping patients get back on their feet faster than ever before.
         3. More Reasons to Eat Your Broccoli
June 22, 2016 - Broccoli and related vegetables in the Brassica family are loaded with health-promoting compounds known as phenolics. Researchers have identified a large number of candidate genes controlling phenolic compound accumulation in broccoli. These genes will be used in future breeding programs to pack even more phenolic compounds into broccoli and other Brassica ...
         4. Why Do Women Live Longer Than Men? (2nd week)
June 14, 2016 - Women live longer than men. This simple statement holds a tantalizing riddle that researchers explore in a perspective piece now published. A survival advantage for female humans stands out in the ...
         5. Is ‘When We Eat’ as Important as ‘What We Eat’?
June 22, 2016 - In a review of research on the effect of meal patterns on health, the few studies available suggest that eating irregularly is linked to a higher risk of metabolic syndrome (high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and obesity). The limited evidence highlights the need for larger scale studies to better understand the impact of chrono-nutrition on public health, argue the authors of two new ...
         6. Beneficial Bacteria May Protect from Cancer
June 24, 2016 - Bacteria that have the potential to abet breast cancer are present in the breasts of cancer patients, while beneficial bacteria are more abundant in healthy breasts, where they may actually be protecting women from cancer, according a study. These findings may lead ultimately to the use of probiotics to protect women against breast ...
         7. FMD: Mysterious Disease in Women -- In-depth Doctor’s Interview
Heather Gornik, M.D., a vascular medicine physician at Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio, talks about a mysterious disease that is often overlooked.
         8. Something to Remember? Exercise 4 Hours Later (2nd week)
June 16, 2016 - A new study suggests an intriguing strategy to boost memory for what you’ve just learned: hit the gym four hours later. The findings show that physical exercise after learning improves memory and ...
         9. How Parenting Style Affects Your Child’s Future (2nd week)
June 17, 2016 - Scientists have released survey results showing that children who receive positive attention and care from their parents tend to have high incomes, high happiness levels, academic success, and a strong sense ...
         10. Alzheimer’s and the Biggest Mistake Caregivers Make
ATLANTA, Ga. (Ivanhoe Newswire) -- For every person with Alzheimer’s there are about three people who take care of them. That’s more than 15 million caregivers in America. One Alzheimer’s expert wanted people to see the disease through the eyes of the caregiver so she gave them cameras and had them snap away at a life Submitthat isn’t always picture perfect. It is one of the most stressful and emotional jobs, but she says some of the biggest mistakes caregivers make can be avoided.

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