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HIV & AIDS in the United States Update: New on the Web

HIV & AIDS inthe United States

New on the Web
Updated fact sheets
HIV and Viral Hepatitis
This fact sheet provides statistical data and information about HIV and viral hepatitis coinfection.

HIV in the United States: At a Glance
This fact sheet provides data about HIV in the United States among the overall population and among the most-affected subpopulations.


Evaluation of the Impact of National HIV Testing Day — United States, 2011–2014For approximately 2 decades, June 27 has been designated as HIV Testing Day to promote HIV testing and increase awareness of the importance of getting tested for HIV.

Healthcare Utilization and HIV Testing of Males Aged 15-39 in Physicians' Offices: 2009-2012In 2006, CDC recommended routine HIV testing of adults and adolescents; however, testing coverage in the United States has been suboptimal. Among new HIV diagnoses in 2014, 81% were in males, with the highest number reported in those aged 20–29 years.

HIV Supplemental Surveillance Report
Diagnoses of HIV Infection among Adolescents and Young Adults in the United States and 6 Dependent Areas, 2010–2014
This report summarizes diagnoses of adolescents and young adults living with HIV infection. During 2010–2014, the estimated rates of diagnoses of HIV infection for persons aged 13–14 years and for persons aged 15–19 years decreased, and the rate for persons aged 20–24 years remained stable. In 2014, persons aged 20–24 years accounted for 18% of all diagnoses and had the second-highest rate of diagnoses (34.3 per 100,000 population).

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