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Diseases of the Heart - Harvard Health

Diseases of the Heart - Harvard Health

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Do you know the difference between a heart attack and heart failure? What is cardiac arrest?
How do arteries “harden”?

Because so many people suffer from diseases of the heart, you often hear these terms — but very often they are used incorrectly.
You might be surprised to know that a “heart attack” can damage the heart muscle, which could lead to heart failure. Likewise, a heart attack could also cause cardiac arrest, where the heart suddenly stops beating.
It’s important to know the difference because understanding how the heart works and the problems that can occur is key to keeping your heart healthy.
To help you prevent or even slow heart disease, Harvard Medical School experts created Diseases of the Heart: A compendium of common heart conditions and the latest treatments.
Send for this invaluable report right now and discover 13 critical risk factors for heart disease, such as:
  • Why refined carbs like white flour and sugar are hard on your heart
  • How to tell if your weight is increasing your risk of heart disease
  • Why high cholesterol levels may double your risk of coronary artery disease
  • The reason smokeless tobacco products may pose a heart risk
  • And more.
You’ll get important information on various conditions that affect your heart, along with causes, symptoms, diagnosis and prevention. For example, you’ll learn the specific cause of the most common type of heart disease, 7 common causes of heart failure, how doctors diagnose arrhythmias, and more.
Plus, you’ll get a Special Bonus Section — Lifestyle habits that help your heart — that reveals:
  • 6 supplements that do nothing to help your heart — and one that may even raise your risk for heart failure or stroke
  • Two nutrient-dense foods you’re probably not getting enough of
  • The best type of exercise for your heart
  • A technique that helps you lower your stress level
  • 12 ways to get a better night’s sleep — and a healthier heart
Best of all, this report is ON SALE right now! Click here now to see your special discount offer.
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Deepak Bhatt, MD
Medical Editor
Diseases of the Heart, Special Health Report
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Diseases of the Heart
Inside Diseases of the Heart, you’ll discover:
How to tell if you’re at risk for a heart attack
How high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes affect your heart
15 helpful illustrations that reveal how the heart works, what causes problems, and how specific treatments and procedures work
Plus a Special Bonus Section that reveals how you can prevent or slow heart disease
And so much more!
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