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The Rise of Superbugs: New Consumer Reports Series, TED Talk Shed Light on Antimicrobial Resistance

The Rise of Superbugs

New Consumer Reports Series, TED Talk Shed Light on Antimicrobial Resistance

new article from Consumer Reports reveals that 41 percent of Americans are unaware of antibiotic resistance, which is when bacteria develop ways to stop the drugs meant to kill them.  The article is the first in a three-part series and uses patient stories and CDC data to highlight the dangers of resistance. The article puts the power into the patients’ hands with, among other helpful information, a guide to how to avoid germs at the gym, a list of myths about antibiotics, and when to ask about prescriptions.
Similarly, in her recently-released TED Talk, public health journalist Maryn McKenna continues to sound the alarm about resistance and details how we’re coming dangerously close to being unable to fight simple infections. Using personal stories from her family’s history, McKenna suggests that we can reverse our antibiotic “heedlessness” and avoid the threat of a post-antibiotic world—but only if we act fast.  Watch the full video here:
We all play a role in stopping resistance. Here’s what you can do:
  • Patients: Talk to your doctor about whether an antibiotic is really necessary, take antibiotics as prescribed, and prevent infections by practicing good hand hygiene. >> More info for patients
  • Doctors and nurses: Be stewards for proper antibiotic use by prescribing correctly, reassessing prescriptions within 48 hours, and staying aware of resistance patterns in your facility and community. >> More info for providers
  • Healthcare administrators: Adopt an antibiotic stewardship program using CDC’s Core Elements, and work with other healthcare facilities in the area to prevent infections, transmission, and resistance. >> More info for administrators
  • States and communities: Facilitate efforts to improve antibiotic prescribing in your area, support tracking and reporting activities, and consider supporting educational campaigns, such as Get Smart Week (Nov. 16-22), to improve prescribing and use practices. >> More info for health departments

Read, watch & get social!

  • Join Dr. Scott Fridkin on Twitter today, July 2 from 2-3 p.m. EST for a bilingual chat on antimicrobial resistance using #AdiosSuperBacterias.
  • Read more about how CDC proposes fighting antimicrobial resistance with funding from the President’s budget here.
  • Read CDC’s 2013 Antimicrobial Resistance Threats in the U.S. report.

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