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ACIP | Home | Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices | CDC

9-valent HPV Vaccine

Additional Guidance for Vaccination Providers regarding Use of 9-valent HPV VaccineAdditional guidance[4 pages] for providers regarding 9-vHPV vaccine use among persons who previously received 2vHPV or 4vHPV vaccine.

ACIP Meetings

  • Meeting Information Recent ACIP meeting agendas, detailed meeting minutes, live meetings, and presentation slides.
  • Upcoming Meetings List of scheduled ACIP meeting dates.
  • Register for a Meeting Next meeting's registration details including deadline, driving directions and hotel choices.

ACIP Flyer

ACIP brochure
This 2 page ACIP flyer[2 pages] answers questions such as what does the ACIP consider in the vaccine recommendation process, including recommended ages for administration of various vaccines to children?

ACIP logoThe Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) is a group of medical and public health experts that develop recommendations on use of vaccines in the civilian population of the United States...

Register for upcoming October ACIP meeting

October 21-22, 2015
(Wednesday - Thursday)
Deadline for registration:
Non-US Citizens: September 30, 2015
US Citizens: October 7, 2015
Registration is NOT required to watch the meeting via webcast.

ACIP Recommendations

General Committee-related Information

  • Charter
    Defines ACIP's purpose, authority, and function; its structure, meetings, and compensation; plus costs, reports, and termination.
  • Members
    Membership roster, including chair, executive secretary, voting members, ex officio members, and liaison representatives.
  • Articles
    Journal articles about the ACIP.


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