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CDC Leads the Way in TBI Research, Prevention, and Education

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Journal of Head Trauma and Rehabilitation cover
The Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation released a special issue highlighting work from CDC and CDC’s partners to prevent traumatic brain injury (TBI) and to help people better recognize, respond, and recover if a TBI occurs. These studies present a clearer picture of TBI in the United States and the progress in the field.
Some key findings include:
  • Online Training Effectiveness: CDC and the National Federation of State High School Association’s concussion course online was effective in increasing concussion-related knowledge across a wide range of individuals.
  • Sports and Recreation TBI: About 7% of all sports and recreation-related injuries treated in United States emergency departments were TBIs.
  • Data Sources: New sources of TBI-related data on emergency department visits and hospitalizations will improve the ability to examine subpopulations most at risk for TBI.
  • Unemployment: About 60% of people (ages 16 to 60) who were discharged from inpatient rehabilitation following a TBI between 2001 and 2010 were still unemployed two years after their injury.
  • Motorcycle TBI death: Motorcycle crash patients with a TBI were 3 times more likely to die in the emergency department compared to those without a TBI.

Why This Is Important
Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a major cause of death and disability in the United States, contributing to about 30% of all injury-related deaths. Those who sustain a TBI can face effects lasting a few days to disabilities that may last the rest of their lives.

What You Can Do
  • Learn more about the special issue
  • Get the facts about TBI
  • Learn about CDC’s educational initiative, HEADS UP
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      • The Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation released a special issue on CDC’s TBI research, prevention, and education. CDC and the National Federation of State High School Association’s online training for high school coaches was shown help improve concussion knowledge and is effective in reaching a wide audience with concussion-related information. Learn more. http://bit.ly/1HbZi7V
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      • CDC & @NFHS_org online concussion course effective for increasing knowledge across a wide range of individuals. http://bit.ly/1HbZi7V
      • About 60% of people were still unemployed 2 years after their traumatic brain injury. Learn more http://bit.ly/1HbZi7V

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