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MMWR News Synopsis for December 18, 2014

MMWR News Synopsis for December 18, 2014

MMWR- Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report
MMWR News Synopsis for December 18, 2014

Outbreak of Cryptosporidiosis Among Responders to the Rollover of a Truck Carrying Calves — Kansas, April 2013 
This outbreak highlights the need for awareness of zoonotic transmission among those handling calves, including emergency responders. Education of responders is important to prevent future outbreaks of zoonoses that might result from agricultural emergencies. An outbreak of cryptosporidiosis occurred following the response to a rollover of a tractor-trailer carrying approximately 350 preweaned calves.
Update: Influenza Activity — United States, September 28–December 6, 2014
Influenza activity is increasing in the United States with influenza A (H3N2) viruses being most frequently identified. A large proportion of the H3N2 viruses characterized thus far have reduced reactivity to the H3N2 component of this season’s influenza vaccine. Despite a less-than-optimal match between the circulating and vaccine viruses, it is recommended that all unvaccinated persons 6 months of age or older get vaccinated to prevent influenza and its complications.
Illnesses and Deaths Among Persons Attending an Electronic Dance-Music Festival — New York City, 2013
Establishing surveillance and effective public health messages and strategies may help reduce adverse health consequences at electronic dance-music festivals. This article describes an investigation by the New York City (NYC) health department to identify and characterize adverse events -- including emergency department (ED) visits, intensive care unit admissions, and deaths -- among attendees of an electronic dance-music festival held in NYC during 2013 and to determine what drugs were associated with these events.
Notes from the Field:     
  • Fatal Rat-Bite Fever in a Child — San Diego County, California, 2013       
  • Measles Transmission at a Domestic Terminal Gate in an International Airport — United States, January 2014

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