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Meeting of NCI Cohort Consortium NCICohortConsortium Members Focuses on Leveraging Existing Resources to Accelerate Discovery


Meeting of NCI Cohort Consortium NCICohortConsortium
Members Focuses on Leveraging Existing Resources to Accelerate Discovery
Dr. Muin Khoury, Associate Director of EGRP, speaks about the recommendations and results of the Trends in 21st-Century
Epidemiology Workshop.
The NCI Cohort Consortium convened its Annual Meeting on November 18-19, 2013, on the NCI campus in Rockville, Maryland, coordinated by EGRP of the Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences (DCCPS), and the Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics (DCEG). Consortium members gathered to discuss scientific progress and priorities since the previous year, and identify gaps and new opportunities for collaboration.

The Cohort Consortium is a collaborative network of investigators that provides a coordinated, interdisciplinary approach to tackling important scientific questions, economies of scale, and opportunities to quicken the pace of research. Consortium members are responsible for more than 40 high-quality epidemiologic cohorts of 100,000 participants or more, which represent large and diverse populations in more than 15 different countries. The Cohort Consortium's mission is to promote communication and collaboration between member cohorts, identify common problems, and recommend possible solutions. 

The Consortium includes more than two dozen collaborative consortium working groups, several of which met over the course of the two-day meeting to discuss the status and progress of their various studies. The afternoon of November 18th featured several public meeting sessions, including: 
  • Presentations on new methods and technologies in cancer epidemiology;    
  • Breakout sessions featuring lively discussions around types of opportunities, challenges, short-term and long-term efforts, and infrastructure to facilitate and accelerate implementation in the Cohort Consortium; and    
  • Brief updates on the latest scientific findings and future directions from five working groups.  
In addition, Dr. Anne Zeleniuch-Jacquotte, of the New York University School of Medicine, was honored with an Outstanding Service award for her leadership as Chairman of the Consortium Secretariat during the past year.

A detailed summary of the meeting will be available on the Annual Meeting webpage in 2014. For additional details about the Consortium's membership and projects, visit the Cohort Consortium website or contact Nonye Harvey at NCI. 
Dr. Anne Zeleniuch-Jacquotte (center) receives an Outstanding Service award from Dr. Stephen Chanock, Director of DCEG, and Dr. Deborah Winn, Deputy Director of DCCPS.

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