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Genomics|Update|Current: Reviews & Commentaries on Science & Technology


Reviews & Commentaries on Science & Technology

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The emerging agenda of stratified medicine in neurology.External Web Site Icon 
Paul M. Matthews Nature Reviews Neurology, Dec 10 
A doctor’s intimate view of hemophilia,External Web Site Icon Claudia Dreifus, New York Times, Dec 23
Doing the genomic revolution right,External Web Site Icon by Trisha Page, Huffington Post, Dec 20
Medicine in the genomic era,External Web Site Icon Howard Hughes Medical Institute Biointeractive Series
Participatory medicine: a driving force for revolutionizing healthcareExternal Web Site Icon
Leroy Hood and Charles Auffray Genome Medicine, December 2013
365 days: 2013 in review,External Web Site Icon Nature News, Dec 18
European bioinformatics infrastructure ELIXIR launched,External Web Site Icon by Philippa Brice, PHG Foundation, Dec 18
The start of a journey,External Web Site Icon Ewan's Blog-Bioinformatician at large, Dec 17
Smoking changes our genes,External Web Site Icon Uppsala University, Dec 17
Dual 'hidden' meaning within DNA code discovered,External Web Site Icon by Philippa Brice PHG Foundation, Dec 16
Charting the RNA epigenome,External Web Site Icon  Leah Eisenstadt, Broad Institute Blog, Dec 13
Education in Computational Biology Today and Tomorrow,External Web Site Icon PloS Computational Biology, Dec 13

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