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Reviews and Commentaries on Science & Technology

Father’s genetic quest pays off- Mutation provides clue to daughter’s undefined syndrome.External Web Site Icon By Brendan Maher, Nature News, Jun 26
The body-data craze- technology has revolutionized what we can measure about ourselves. But is all that tracking good for our health?External Web Site Icon By Alissa Quart , The Daily Beast, Jun 26
The limits to de-identification of clinical data,External Web Site Icon by William Hersh, Informatics Professor, Jun 23
The genome's 3-D structure shapes how genes are expressed,External Web Site Icon Science Daily Jun 22
Population medicine: Let's get over it!External Web Site Icon Eric Topol, Topolog, Jun 21
Bacterial DNA in human genomes,External Web Site Icon by Ed Yong, The Scientist, Jun 20

Light and nanoprobes detect early signs of infectionExternal Web Site Icon, Duke University News Release, Jun 20
Could big data beat breast cancer? New warehouse and analytics platform 'allows us to ask questions that we just simply couldn't ask before',External Web Site Icon Healthcare IT News, Jun 20
The American Statistical Association and big data,External Web Site Icon AmStatNews, Jun 2013

Russ Altman discusses how genetics can impact your response to prescription drugs (TEDMED Video)External Web Site Icon
Listening to the genome: Music or noise?External Web Site Icon by Carl Zimmer, National Geographic, Jun 2013

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