lunes, 1 de julio de 2013

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Public Health Sciences

Environmental and genomic factors as well as interventions influencing smoking cessation: A systematic review of reviews and a proposed working modelExternal Web Site Icon
de Viron S, et al. Public Health Genomics 2013 Jun
Intermediate-dose versus high-dose prophylaxis for severe hemophilia: comparing outcome and costs since the 1970s.External Web Site Icon
Fischer K,et al. Blood. 2013 Jun 18
Lessons learned from implementing a national infrastructure in Sweden for storage and analysis of next-generation sequencing data. Adobe PDF file [PDF 281.93 KB]External Web Site Icon
Lampa S, et al. BioMedCentral Jun 25
Next-generation sequencing in genetic hearing lossExternal Web Site Icon
Yan D, Tekin M, Blanton SH, et al. Genet Test Mol Biomarkers. 2013 Jun 5.

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