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Engagement in 2013, So Far

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Engagement in 2013, So Far

Engagement in 2013, So Far

We have already passed the halfway point of 2013, and that’s when we have an extensive evaluation of our new media activities during the first six months of the year.
We looked back at our most engaging content and wanted to give our readers a glimpse of what policy and new media updates were most read, watched, shared, and commented so far in 2013. This Storify Exit Disclaimer provides a summary of the content
Storify is a tool that helps organize small pieces of web content into a curated story that can span across time and across online channels (social media, blogs, websites). Other examples of HIV programs using Storify are YTH Exit Disclaimer, API Wellness Exit Disclaimer, and CDC NCHHSTP Exit Disclaimer (check out their Storify stories recapping their Twitter chats).
What are your HIV highlights from the year so far?
- See more at: http://blog.aids.gov/2013/07/engagement-in-2013-so-far.html#sthash.4otX2xe0.dpuf

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