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Leigh Syndrome, the Community - RareConnect

Leigh Syndrome, the Community - RareConnect

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The newest RareConnect community is for Leigh syndrome - a genetic disorder characterised by neurological degeneration

Welcome - Leigh Syndrome Community

What is Leigh Syndrome ?

Leigh syndrome is a rare genetic neurometabolic disorder that is characterized by the degeneration of the central nervous system.
Source: UMDF
Leigh Syndrome Resources
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The Campbell Burns Metabolic Trust

by RareConnect team published 13 days ago 2 comments Campbell is our third child and was born after a trouble-free pregnancy, apparently healthy. However, at the age of eight weeks he suffered a fit a...

Arturito and Abby

by yobanapaolabernalmendoza published 14 days ago No comment My eldest son was called Arturito and died of the rare disease called Leigh Syndrome. After losing my eldest son, my daughter Abby was born shortly...

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