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Newsletters | Vestibular Disorders Association

Newsletters | Vestibular Disorders Association


On the Level

VEDA publishes a quarterly newlsetter containing news, stories, and articles about vestibular disorders and people suffering from them. VEDA members receive a copy of the newsletter each quarter via mail or e-mail. Archived versions are available one quarter after they have been published.
If you would like to receive VEDA's newsletter delivered to you, please visit our membership page to join.

On the Level - Winter 2012

Posted by Cynthia Ryan

Inside this Issue:

  • Two Poles & a Vestibular Disorder: My Portland Marathon Story

  • Tips on increasing your activity level & managing fatigue

  • New Technologies: The Balance Belt

  • A New Face at VEDA - letter from your new executive director

  • Come on everybody, do your exercise!

  • The Artistic Expression of Vestibular Disorders

On the Level - Winter 2011

Posted by admin

Inside this issue

  • Alternative Medicine and Dietary Supplements: Should I Talk with my Doctor About Them?

  • Free Fact Sheets on Dietary Supplements

  • Opportunity for Artists with Disabilities

  • Coping Tip: Free Talking Book Service

  • Letter from Member About Cataracts

  • News Briefs

  • Pro-Athlete and Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy

  • New Books Available

  • News About VEDA

  • VEDA Corporate Sponsors

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