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CDC - Diabetes & Me - Diabetes DDT

CDC - Diabetes & Me - Diabetes DDT

Diabetes & Me

Basics about DiabetesBasics About Diabetes
What is Diabetes? What are the symptoms? What are the risk factors?
Eat RightEat Right
What healthy food choices should I make?
What is prediabetes? Fast Facts, Prediabetes FAQs
Staying HealthyStaying Healthy with
What routine medical exams and tests are needed for people with diabetes?
Financial CoverageFinancial Coverage for Diabetes Expenses
Medicare, Medicaid, Health Insurance, Low-cost Services
Be ActiveBe Active
Why is it important for people with diabetes to be physically active?
Prevent DiabetesPrevent Diabetes
How can I prevent diabetes?
Health ConcernsDiabetes Health Concerns
Cardiovascular Health, Vision, Kidneys, Feet, Oral Health
Groups AffectedGroups Especially Affected
by Diabetes
Women, Gestational Diabetes, Older Adults, Racial and Ethnic Groups
Research and StatisticsDiabetes Research and
How many people in the United States have diabetes?

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