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State/Local Health Department Toolkit | One and Only Campaign

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State/Local Health Department Toolkit | One and Only Campaign

State/Local Health Department Toolkit
One and Only Campaign Toolkit

Executive SummaryThis toolkit is designed to provide health departments with background and information to implement the One & Only Campaign. The CDC and SIPC worked with three partner states, Nevada, New Jersey and New York, to disseminate the One & Only Campaign message to the public and healthcare providers. This toolkit provides guidance for other health departments about lessons learned from their efforts. Read more to find out how your health department can get involved in this timely public health initiative.

NOTE: The resources included in the Toolkit are organized in chapters by topic area. Most of the items listed in the individual chapters contain linked resources, while others highlight topics to be considered.

  • It's Real. It's Recent. It Could Become Your Problem. (Primer on the State/Local Health Department Toolkit)

  • Impacts Related to Unsafe Injection PracticesThis section provides a brief overview of some of the economic and emotional impacts of unsafe injection practices on the public health system, healthcare workers and patients.

  • Building a Working Group This section describes how to convene a working group that can help make the job of promoting safe injections more manageable for a busy public health professional who is wearing many different hats! Learn where to start, how to keep group members engaged, and find tools to help you make the most of your workgroup resources.

  • Developing PartnershipsThis section offers guidance on how to identify other individuals and organizations in your jurisdiction that have the potential to promote the safe injections message broadly and to maximize the impact your campaign will have on healthcare providers and consumers.

  • Media/Press RelationsThis section has tips to make the safe injection practices message relevant in both traditional and new media and tools to help you take advantage of teachable moments.

  • What Works? And What Might Not?
    This section details the experiences of three states that have been working on safe injection practices campaigns. It includes candid discussion of what worked and what didn’t, and advice to help you set yourself up for success.

  • Key Contacts/Resources This section contains contact information for key individuals at the SIPC and the three partner states who are glad to help you get started to promote safe injection practices within your jurisdiction. It also provides clinical information regarding the burden of unsafe injection practices and health promotion resources for both healthcare providers and consumers. Don’t think you have to re-invent the wheel! There is a wealth of information at your own fingertips.

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