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CDC - Malaria - Alerts - Update: Bahamas (Great Exuma)

CDC - Malaria - Alerts - Update: Bahamas (Great Exuma)

Update: Bahamas (Great Exuma)

Updated 4/17/2012 In March 2012, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) had received an official report of a confirmed case of malaria in a U.S. traveler to the island of Great Exuma, Bahamas. Since then, there have been no other reports of malaria in travelers to the Bahamas.  Additionally, the Bahamas Department of Public Health has found no new cases of locally transmitted malaria in Great Exuma after conducting active case finding and reviewing their Enhanced Malaria Surveillance Program.   Based on this information, CDC no longer recommends malaria prophylaxis for Great Exuma, Bahamas.
Malaria is not endemic to the Bahamas. An outbreak of malaria previously occurred on Great Exuma Island, Bahamas in 2006, and the last documented case on the island was in 2008.
More information about malaria can be found at the CDC Malaria homepage. General health information for travel to the Bahamas can be found at the CDC Travelers' Health website.
Health-care providers needing assistance with diagnosis or management of suspected cases of malaria should call the CDC Malaria Hotline: 770-488-7788 or toll- free 855-856-4713 (M-F, 9 am-5:00 pm, Eastern Time). For consultation after hours, call 770-488-7100 and ask to speak with a CDC Malaria Branch clinician.

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