viernes, 30 de agosto de 2019

Call for Manuscripts on Structural Racism/Discrimination



Call for Manuscripts on Structural Racism/ Discrimination

NIMHD is sponsoring a special issue of Ethnicity & Disease, "Structural Racism and Discrimination: Impact on Minority Health and Health Disparities," and inviting researchers, scientists, physicians, and others to submit manuscripts. Abstracts are due by September 30, 2019. 
As revealed in a 2017 workshop co-hosted by NIMHD and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Minority Health, there is currently a lack of consensus about how structural racism/discrimination as a construct should be defined, operationalized, and measured in the context of
(1) health, minority health, immigrant health, and health disparities research; and
(2) exposures beyond the interpersonal level to include racism/discrimination occurring at higher levels through societal, community, or organizational values, laws, policies, and corporate procedures, practices, and behaviors.
Additionally, there is need for the development, design, testing, and implementation of evidenced-based interventions to reduce or eliminate structural racism/discrimination occurring at higher levels beyond the interpersonal level.  
The concept of misunderstanding, a barrier in relations, denial of society. Barriers between people, prejudice.

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