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Our Open Access Cancer Research | Additional Articles

Our Open Access Cancer Research

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Our Open Access Cancer Research

To accompany the World Cancer Day on Feb 4th, as well as the National Cancer Prevention Month in February, BioMed Central has curated a selection of noteworthy articles covering the year's main themes. We hope you find the articles of interest and encourage you to scroll down for additional articles and more exciting content.

We publish open access, peer-reviewed oncology research in broad interest journals including BMC Medicine and BMC Cancer, as well as specialist titles such as Breast Cancer Research and Journal of Hematology & Oncology. Go here to find out more about the benefits of publishing open access with BioMed Central.
World Cancer Day explores how everyone can do their part to reduce the impact that cancer has on the community. #WorldCancerDay #WeCanICan
National Cancer Prevention Month aims to promote a better lifestyle by eating healthy, being active and staying lean.

Additional Articles

Prevent cancer
Treat cancer
New treatment option for ovarian cancer: PARP inhibitors - Gynecologic Oncology Research and Practice​​​​​​​
Advances in immunotherapy for melanoma - BMC Medicine​​​​​​​
Cancer immunotherapy: the beginning of the end of cancer? - BMC Medicine​​​​​​​
Improve access to treatment
Create a healthy lifestyle
Get treated early
Seek support and take control

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