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    Mitochondrial mutations and metabolic adaptation in pancreatic cancer

    Rae-Anne Hardie, Ellen van Dam, Mark Cowley, Ting-Li Han, Seher Balaban, Marina Pajic, Mark Pinese, Mary Iconomou, Robert F. Shearer, Jessie McKenna, David Miller, Nicola Waddell, John V. Pearson, Sean M. Grimmond, Leonid Sazanov, Andrew V. Biankin…
    Published on: 30 January 2017


Cancer & Metabolism publishes selected collections of research articles, conference proceedings, reviews and reports as supplements. While we build our new sites all supplements will be available here.

Efficient peer review

We recognize that scientifically sound, high-quality manuscripts often receive negative decisions from high-impact journals on the basis of perceived general interest levels or the absence of extensive mechanisms supporting research hypotheses. As a niche journal, Cancer & Metabolism will consider rapid publication of such manuscripts if they are submitted together with the original peer reviewer reports, letter of rejection, and a brief rebuttal.

Article collections

Cross journal article collection
Guest edited by Navdeep Chandel (on behalf of Cancer & Metabolism), Martin Brand, Andrew Murray, Jodi Nunnari and Peter Walter, this cross journal collection focuses on all aspects of mitochondrial function in cancer and metabolism.

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