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Cancer Moonshot - Updates from the NCI

Cancer Moonshot - Updates from the NCI

National Cancer Institute

Earlier today, the White House released the report of the Cancer Moonshot Task Force.  The report consists of a detailed set of findings and recommendations to accelerate our understanding of cancer and its prevention, early detection, and treatment. As part of this report, the Vice President also unveiled a new set of federal, private sector and joint public–private actions to advance the goals of the Cancer Moonshot Task Force. You can learn more about the task force report and these announcements below.

In addition, Dr. Douglas Lowy, Acting Director of the National Cancer Institute, has formally delivered the final report of the Blue Ribbon Panel to Vice President Joseph Biden. A copy of his cover letter can be found below and the full report is also available on our website.
cancer moonshot logo White House Task Force Report
The Task Force report, on, describing activities and an implementation plan for achieving the Cancer Moonshot's goals
BRP logo Blue Ribbon Panel Report 2016
The final Blue Ribbon Panel report describing 10 transformative research recommendations for achieving the Cancer Moonshot's goals
Dr. Lowy Blue Ribbon Panel Report Cover Letter
The letter from NCI Acting Director Douglas R. Lowy, M.D., to Vice President Biden that accompanied the Blue Ribbon Panel final report
Clouds Advancing a National Cancer Knowledge System 
A story by Tony Kerlavage, Ph.D., chief of NCI’s Cancer Informatics Branch, about NCI's new data sharing collaborations and an expansion of NCI’s Cancer Genomics Cloud Pilots
Vice President Joe Biden FACT SHEET: Vice President Biden Delivers Cancer Moonshot Report, Announces Public and Private Sector Actions to Advance Cancer Moonshot Goals
A White House fact sheet announcing the release of the Cancer Moonshot Task Force report and several new public and private sector activities to support the goals of the Cancer Moonshot
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