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Public Health Emergency Weekly Report

Public Health Emergency Weekly Report

Public Health Emergency.  Resilient People. Healthy Communities.  A Nation Prepared.

Dr. Lurie at a press conference

Federal effort delivering progress on priorities to bolster Flint recovery

HHS and its federal partners are making substantial progress on the request from the State of Michigan to help support recovery and relief efforts following the Flint water crisis.  The federal government now has current and ongoing efforts in support of a vast majority of the items in the state's request, including many of the state's top priorities.  Learn More >>
water drop

EPA’s Early Sampling Results Confirm Lead-Removal Filters are Working as Expected

EPA leased early sampling results showing that lead-removal filters are working as expected in Flint homes with high lead levels. EPA continues to recommend that Flint residents use NSF-certified filters in their homes. EPA will continue to sample locations where earlier results detected lead above the NSF filter rating level.  Learn More >>

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HHS sends Public Health Service Strike Team to aid Flint residents

A team of specialized officers from the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps have traveled to Flint to help conduct medical follow-up visits with children who have tested positive for high lead levels due to the city’s water crisis. These officers will provide support to the residents of Flint and answer their questions. Learn More >>

Dr. Lurie and Dr. Mona discuss ways to help children in Flint who have been exposed to lead.

From the ASPR Blog:  Working together for Flint:  a personal perspective

In the wake of the Flint water crisis, we know that finding good solutions – the kinds of solutions that help kids become healthier and people feel safer using the water that flows from their taps – takes the whole community. Dr. Lurie talks about ways that we are using our experience and engaging with the community to help Flint recover.  Learn More >>

MRC TRAIN:  Training Resources on Zika Virus for Health Volunteers

Health volunteers and professioanals who want to get smart on issues related to Zika can check out a new training series on MRC Train.  This set of four webcasts can help you learn about the virus itself and how to mitigate its impacts.  Check out archived versions of past events and register for upcoming sessions.  Learn More >>
Footprints of a chicken, dog, horse and human

From the ASPR Blog:  Influenza is for the birds…and dogs, pigs, horses, and humans

It's been a tough flu season for animals. This year, we've seen influenza A outbreaks in several species, including horses, dogs, pigs and birds.  But just because an outbreak starts in an animal population doesn't mean it will stay there.  Find out how a One Health approach could help keep everyone healthier.  Learn More>>

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