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August Clinical Center News 2015

August Clinical Center News 2015

CC News

Teaching and training future generations remains steadfast


New clinical fellows from across the country mingled at a welcome reception, and hundreds of others students join the Clinical Center during the summer.

Scientists come together at the CC to collaborate, advance research

This fiscal year, eight projects have been awarded in the form of three-year, renewable grants of up to $500,000 direct costs per year, to conduct collaborative clinical research with the NIH intramural program and its Clinical Center. These projects will be conducted by scientists from across the U.S., known as extramural researchers, who will collaborate with government scientists at the NIH, known as intramural researchers.

The dog days of summer bring furry friends to the bedside

A 10-year old Clinical Center patient recently welcomed Juno, a furry beagle, into her hospital bed. The therapy dog silently brings a bit of normalcy and emotional companionship to the pediatric patient. Juno joins a long list of canines who visit patients once a week.

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