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ONC is looking for a few good people

July 15, 2015

ONC is looking for a few good people

Are you eligible for the Intergovernmental Personnel Act Mobility Program? If so, the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology might have an opportunity for you. And if you don’t know if you qualify, read on.
ONC is looking for a variety of scientific and technical staff to join the ONC team through the IPA program with a duty station in Washington, D.C. The IPA program provides for the temporary assignment of personnel between the federal government and state and local governments, colleges and universities, Indian tribal governments, federally funded research and development centers, and other eligible organizations. The goal is to share expertise and experiences of employees and employers for short periods of time that serve a sound public purpose.
Sound interesting?? Please submit a current resume, a brief description on the type of position you are interested in, your supervisory approval via email, and an administrative point of contact at your home office to ONC.HC@hhs.gov by July 30, 2015. If you need more information, you can send an inquiry toONC.HC@hhs.gov as well.
IPA Candidates Expertise
ONC is currently in need of leaders with strong skillsets, experience and background in the areas of health information science and technology, innovation, interoperability, research and evaluation, legal theory or public policy. If you believe you might qualify, send your information toONC.HC@hhs.gov.
To be eligible to participate under an IPA assignment, employees must be permanent/career employees of their employing institution and have 90 days or more of continuous employment with their organization. For additional information visit https://www.opm.gov/programs/ipa/Mobility.asp
Nature of Assignment
The initial IPA assignment may be approved for up to two (2) years with extensions for an additional two (2) years, not to exceed four continuous years. The initial assignment is usually one year.
IPA assignees are usually detailed to and remain on their employing institution's payroll in an active pay status while on assignment. Salary and benefits continue to be administered by the employing institution. IPA assignees are subject to provisions of law governing the ethics and conduct of federal employees.
IPA assignee salary is usually annualized to twelve months. The salary portion paid by HHS cannot exceed the federal rate authorized for the grade level at which the position was established. In cases where the annual salary exceeds the maximum rate allowable under federal regulations (Executive Level I of the Federal Executive Pay Scale), the non-federal institution's portion of salary payment must compensate for the overage.
Approved Participating Organizations
The following organizations are automatically eligible to participate in the IPA Mobility Program and do not require certification by HHS
  • accredited institutions of higher learning in the U.S. and/or its territories
  • state and local governments including any political subdivision
  • Indian tribal governments
  • Federally funded research and development centers listed by the National Service Foundation.
We hope to see your expression of interest in the ONC.HC mailbox soon but definitely by July 30, 2015!

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