jueves, 9 de julio de 2015

New CDC App Puts Concussion Safety Info on Every Sideline

CDC: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Your Online Source for Credible Health Information

New Concussion App

Designed for parents and coaches, the HEADS UP Concussion and Helmet Safety app provides instant access to concussion safety info—when and where you need it—so you can:
  • Spot a possible concussion.
  • Respond if you think an athlete has a concussion or other serious brain injury.
  • Help an athlete return to school and play safely.
A new 3D helmet fit feature that teaches about proper helmet fit, safety and care.
Download for FREE Today!
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(Coming soon to the Google Play store!)
Help Spread the Word
  • New CDC app puts concussion safety info in the palm of your hand. Download it today for instant access to the information you need to help spot and respond to a concussion:http://go.usa.gov/3weAJ
  • Introducing the newest CDC HEADS UP resource: a free, interactive app that provides concussion safety info when and where you need it. Download yours today!http://go.usa.gov/3wesQ
  • New #CDCHEADSUP app offers 24/7 access to concussion safety info, when & where you need it: http://go.usa.gov/3wesw
  • Announcing the new #CDCHEADSUP app. Latest info on concussion safety available @ your fingertips: http://go.usa.gov/3wese
  • The new #CDCHEADSUP app = instant access to the latest info on concussion safety. Download for free today! http://go.usa.gov/3weHj

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