viernes, 17 de julio de 2015 Top 10 Viewed Reports 7/17/2015

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This Week's Top 10 Viewed Stories
         1. Two Nutrients Work Against Cancer Therapy
July 13, 2015 - Tumors can leverage glucose and another nutrient, acetate, to resist targeted therapies directed at specific cellular molecules, according to Ludwig ...
         2. Prostate Cancer: Prevent It! (2nd week)
CLEVELAND. (Ivanhoe Newswire) -- The longer a man lives, the more likely he is to get prostate cancer at some point. Overall, one in seven men will be diagnosed with it in their lifetime. And the traditional test to spot it…the PSA test, has several drawbacks, including possible complications from biopsies that often follow. So why not try to avoid the tests altogether while cutting your risk of getting the disease?
         3. The Painful Truth About Wine and Sulfites (2nd week)
ORLANDO, Fla. (Ivanhoe Newswire) -- Since 1987 the FDA has required all domestic wines, beers and spirits that contain more than 10 parts per million (ppm) of sulfites to have a warning label saying “contains sulfites.” But do these sulfites cause our headaches?
         4. Cancer Drug 49 Times More Potent Than Cisplatin (2nd week)
July 7, 2015 - A new cancer drug has been found to have effectiveness for ovarian and bowel cancer that is 49 times as potent is Cisplatin. The key to this new drug, researchers report, is that it can shut down a ...
         5. Mechanism That Causes Neuropathic Pain Found (2nd week)
July 7, 2015 - A biological process called endoplasmic reticulum stress appears to play a key role in causing neuropathic pain, according to a new study. The discovery could eventually lead to new therapeutics for ...
         6. Healthy Diets for Seniors: Gender Plays a Role
July 9, 2015 - Strategies to support healthier diets among seniors need to take into account differences between elderly men and women, according to research. The study explored which types of social support ...
         7. Out-Of-Pocket Health Costs: Are There Risks?
July 8, 2015 - Many government-run public health systems in developing countries have instituted copayments for visits to clinics and prescription drugs. However, the study’s authors found evidence to suggest that ...
         6. Save Your Heart - Through Your Wrist! (2nd week)
PITTSBURGH. (Ivanhoe Newswire) -- Every year, one million Americans undergo a procedure called angioplasty. Doctors insert a catheter with a stent into a patient’s artery to open blockages near their heart. Now, a new study may have cardiologists rethinking their approach and for some patients, an easier recovery may be all in the wrist.
         9. ESD: Removing Tumors Without a Scar
CLEVELAND. (Ivanhoe Newswire) -- Removing lesions inside the stomach used to mean a large incision and a lot of cutting. But now there’s an easier approach. Doctors are removing tumors without a scar!
         10. Sleep Drunkenness
SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (Ivanhoe Newswire) -- When it comes to sleep, Americans are suffering! In fact, about 70-million of us have a chronic sleep problem. Now there’s a new condition that you may not have heard of.

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