martes, 7 de julio de 2015

Get to know our open access journals in General Medicine

BioMed Central
We are writing to let you know about our wide range of open access General Medicine titles fromBioMed Central and SpringerOpen and to invite you to submit your next manuscript to us.
Featured journals from BioMed Central
Stem Cell Research & TherapyDiagnostic PathologyJournal of Translational MedicineBMC MedicineBMC Clinical Pathology
Find more open access journals from BioMed Central here.
Featured journals from SpringerOpen
Clinical and Translational MedicineThe Journal of Headache and PainJournal of Ophthalmic Inflammation and InfectionSpringerPlus
Find more open access journals from SpringerOpen here.
Reasons to publish with us
-Peer review: High-quality peer review service
-Rapid publication: Once your paper is accepted
-Global reach: Global visibility for your research
To find out more about publishing in one of our open access journals, visit the website or feel free to get in touch.
Best wishes,
The BioMed Central team

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