viernes, 24 de julio de 2015

Evidence Reviews and Research Summaries | Health Literacy | CDC

Evidence Reviews and Research Summaries | Health Literacy | CDC


Find Tools to Start your Health Literacy Research Today!

The federal government supports and encourages health literacy research in several ways and CDC is committed to applying and sharing research to improve health literacy and effective public health practice.
CDC’s Health Literacy website offers a wide range of tools and information that can be used for:

  • Planning your own research
  • Identifying opportunities and barriers to improving health literacy in your organization
  • Learning about current research on health literacy topics.

On our site you can also find the most recent evidence reports on health literacy interventions and outcomes. In our Research Summaries section we present findings from recently published studies focused on specific health literacy topics. Visit the website to see our Science Bites for very brief summaries of select findings and recommendations for practice. You can use these summaries and the tools on our site to improve the effectiveness of your communication and program activities.

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