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Diabetes at Work E-Newsletter

Diabetes at Work E-Newsletter

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July 2015

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Making the Business Case for Prevention Video Series

Why should businesses care about community health? Because making healthy living easier for their communities can help increase profits, bring in more customers, and build goodwill.

Watch and share a selection of online videos that address community health and chronic disease prevention. These videos are also available on theCommunity Health Playlist on CDC's YouTube Channel.

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The Right Fit

   -  Just Starting Out
   -  Ready for the Next Step
   -  Wellness Veterans

Check out the new one page resources available for small, medium and large businesses.  No matter the size of your wellness program or budget these tip sheets provide suggestions you can use.  The resources are found on home page. 

Ask the Expert

Answers to diabetes in the workplace questions

Question: How does heat and humidity affect our workers with diabetes?  


If you have diabetes, you know how important it is to have a care routine. Yet summer weather, with its high temperatures and extreme storms, can cause problems with that routine and make it more difficult to manage diabetes. Click here for more info.

Have a question for our experts? Email us, and we'll respond within two days. 

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