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Flu Vaccination Digital Ambassador Initiative Flourishes in Second Year | Seasonal Influenza (Flu) | CDC 2

Flu Vaccination Digital Ambassador Initiative Flourishes in Second Year | Seasonal Influenza (Flu) | CDC

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Flu Vaccination Digital Ambassador 2014-2015

Kathi MacNaughton of HealthCentral

Health Central, asthma, NIVW, did you get your flu shot yet?

Kathi MacNaughton is a registered nurse and consumer health writer with more than 30 years of experience in caring for people with chronic health conditions. She writes for HealthCentral, an online community that provides information on life-changing conditions across more than 35 health categories.
Ms. MacNaughton participated in the NIVW blog relay with the post, “National Influenza Vaccination Week – Did You Get Your Flu Shot Yet?”, posted other detailed articles throughout the season, and promoted a fellow a Digital Ambassador’s Facebook forum. Ms. MacNaughton, who focuses on asthma and allergies, further fulfills her role as a Digital Ambassador through her independent Twitter presence.


Join Livestrong's Facebook forum on flu prevention and treatment.

LIVESTRONG empowers the cancer community to address the unmet needs of cancer survivors by encouraging collaboration, knowledge-sharing and partnership. The organization reaches cancer survivors and their support networks of family and caregivers through a massive social media following, a highly active web community, as well as through in-person events and partnerships, like the Digital Ambassador initiative.
LIVESTRONG hosted a forum in February on its Facebook page—which boasts nearly 2 million fans, published a CDC guest post on its blog, and promoted flu prevention messages on social mediathroughout the season.


WomenHeart, the National Coalition for women with heart disease.

WomenHeart: The National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease works to improve the health and quality of life of women living with or at risk of heart disease through community and advocacy. The organization reaches women nationwide.
WomenHeart shared CDC flu information with its Twitter network and on Facebook, promoted the#VaxWithMe campaign, supported fellow Digital Ambassadors in their flu vaccination promotions, and participated in CDC Twitter chats.

Parents and Caregivers of Young Children

Moms Who Vax/Voices for Vaccines*

Voices for Vaccines. What we didn't miss, thanks to the flu vaccine.
Moms Who Vax was founded by two mothers who aim to educate parents about the importance of vaccination. Their blog features insights on the latest vaccine conversations in the media as well as guest posts from other moms about the importance of vaccination. Along with its partner non-profit organization, Voices for Vaccines, Moms Who Vax is highly influential in promoting evidence-based vaccination messages to p­arents and future parents online.
Moms Who Vax/Voices for Vaccines took part in the NIVW blog relay with a post entitled “What We Didn’t Miss, Thanks to the Flu Vaccine,” participated in CDC Twitter chats, and posted flu vaccination messages on their social media platforms throughout the season.

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