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Flu Vaccination Digital Ambassador Initiative Flourishes in Second Year | Seasonal Influenza (Flu) | CDC 3

Flu Vaccination Digital Ambassador Initiative Flourishes in Second Year | Seasonal Influenza (Flu) | CDC

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Flu Vaccination Digital Ambassador 2014-2015

Nurses Who Vaccinate*

Nurses Who Vaccinate

Pediatric nurse, Melody Butler, founded Nurses Who Vaccinate, which provides up-to-date vaccine news, advice, and resources specifically for nurses and other healthcare professionals. In addition, this Digital Ambassador provides a forum for technical information and equips nurses to advocate for vaccines among their peers, patients, and the public.
In addition to sharing campaign messages frequently throughout the 2014-2015 flu season, Nurses Who Vaccinate participated in a number of digital activities, including the NIVW blog relay, where Nurses Who Vaccinate shared the post, “Nurses Need to Lead the Way When it Comes to Flu Shots”; and participated in the #VaxWithMe campaign. Ms. Butler posted her own #VaxWithMe photo on Twitterand Instagram, incorporating the campaign into her Facebook header image, and promoted the NFL Retired Players Association photo on Twitter.

Public Health Foundation

Public Health Foundation. Babies under 6 months can't get a flu vax but can be protected if mom gets one while pregnant.

Public Health Foundation (PHF) improves the public’s health by strengthening the quality and performance of public health practice. PHF’s areas of focus include performance management, quality improvement, and workforce development.
PHF promoted the importance of flu vaccination on Facebook and Twitter often throughout the season and posted CDC guest blog content on its website. PHF further contributed to the flu vaccination dialogue by participating in Twitter chats, including the #abcDrBchat and CDC’s NIVW chat. PHF also houses flu print materials in its online bookstore to broaden the availability of resources that can help health care professionals encourage patients to get their annual flu vaccination.

Seniors 65+

A Place for Mom*

Caregiver tips and inspirational quotes.

A Place for Mom helps seniors and their families find senior care and housing based on their needs and budget. The national organization has a strong digital presence on multiple platforms that spotlighted CDC’s flu vaccination information this season.
A Place for Mom was highly active throughout the season, hosting a Facebook forum in October and kicking off the NIVW blog relay with a post titled, “National Influenza Vaccination Week: The Importance for Seniors.” They also promoted the #VaxWithMe campaign on Twitter during Super Bowl.

People With Chronic Conditions


Healtheo 360, the importance of flu vaccination for people with chronic illnesses, NIVW.

Healtheo360 is a collection of communities where patients living with chronic conditions can find support, encouragement, and information. Individuals who are affected by chronic conditions, such as diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer's, and more, share personal stories across Healtheo360’s network.
Healtheo360 contributed the post “The Importance of Flu Vaccination for People with Chronic Illnesses” as part of the NIVW blog relay and heavily promoted CDC’s #VaxWithMe initiative onTwitter and Facebook this season.

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