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Wednesday Health.mil News Round-Up: Veterinary Training Shapes Retiring Expert's Public Health Career; Face of Defense: Medic Learns Benefits of Blood Donations; Army Mothers Shape Up


The following article were recently posted on Health.mil:

Veterinary Training Shapes Retiring Expert's Public Health Career
Jan. 23, 2015
The man who has helped shape public health for the Department of Defense (DoD) says understanding “herd health” has guided him throughout his career.
Read more about it here: www.health.mil/News/Articles/2015/01/23/Veterinary-Training-Shapes-Retiring-Experts-Public-Health-Career

Face of Defense: Medic Learns Benefits of Blood Donations
Jan. 26, 2015
San Antonio Military Medical Center officials at Joint Base San Antonio in Texas encourage people to donate to the Armed Services Blood Program, because the blood directly supports warfighters downrange as well as trauma and burn patients there and other military treatment facilities and Veterans Affairs facilities.
Read more about it here: www.health.mil/News/Articles/2015/01/26/Face-of-Defense-Medic-Learns-Benefits-of-Blood-Donations

Army Mothers Shape Up
Jan. 26, 2015
Staying physically fit is no strange concept in the United States Army, but what happens when weight gain is inevitable, nine months of weight gain to be exact? The Pregnancy Postpartum Physical Training Program, P3T, helps Soldiers stay fit while pregnant and, more importantly, return back to their unit in fighting shape.
Read more about it here: www.health.mil/News/Articles/2015/01/26/Army-Mothers-Shape-Up

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