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Chad’s #GetCovered Story: Insuring Fitness and Confidence

Dept. of Health & Human Services
Jan 20, 2015
By: Chad Mason, 36, Lynchburg, Virginia
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After I graduated from college, I started lifting weights as a hobby. Now it helps me release stress. I enjoy doing it. I enjoy competing. It makes me feel good about myself.
Pound for pound, I was the strongest in my gym. I was bench pressing 315 pounds. Then I started feeling pain in my left shoulder. But I didn’t have health insurance to take care of it, so I did some self-rehab: I tried icing it; I tried heating. It wasn’t enough.
I work in a restaurant where our only benefits are tips and free food. But thanks to the Affordable Care Act, I was able to get covered through the Health Insurance Marketplace last year and take care of that shoulder.
With my insurance card in hand, I went to the doctor, who told me I would either have to stop lifting weights or get surgery.
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