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Aortic dissection, the Community - RareConnect

Aortic dissection, the Community - RareConnect


Welcome - Aortic dissection Community

What is Aortic dissection ?

Aortic Dissection is a life threatening rare disease where the inner layer of the aorta (intima) has ruptured and the blood is now also flowing between the inner and outer layer of the aorta (like a double-barrel) and threatens to also make the outer layer rupture.
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48 year old with some weird symptoms.

by keithwolff published 4 days ago One comment
I will add more later but the basic skinny is that I woke up one morning to a burning sensation in my chest that I thought was my esophagus. Turns ...

My second and third chance at life

by Mikemcintire published 4 days ago One comment
The first part of my dissection is best described in a video my wife made for me. Click on the link below. 

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