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NCTR Publications > NCTR Research Highlights

NCTR Publications > NCTR Research Highlights

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Current Highlight from October 17, 2014

Genetic Toxicology Article Selected as Editor's Choice
A scientist from FDA's NCTR coauthored a research article titled “Derivation of Point of Departure (PoD) Estimates in Genetic Toxicology Studies and Their Potential Applications in Risk Assessment". The article was selected as the Editor's Choice and will be highlighted in an upcoming issue of Environmental and Molecular Mutagenesisdisclaimer icon. The article reports the results of a study conducted by the HESI/ILSI Genetic Toxicology Technical Committee (GTTC) Quantitative Analysis Workgroup (QAW). The study's goal was to establish guidelines for the use of quantitative analyses of genetic toxicology dose-response data and point-of-departure metrics to improve risk assessments of chemical exposures. NCTR scientists are members of the GTTC QAW.
For additional information, please contact Robert Heflich,  Ph.D., Division of Genetic and Molecular Toxicology, FDA/NCTR.

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