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More on Personal Genomics: Consumer Empowerment & Oversight


Genomics & Health Impact Update

More on Personal Genomics: Consumer Empowerment & Oversight

What is direct-to-consumer genetic testing?External Web Site Icon From the NIH Genetics Home Reference
Empowering consumers through accurate genomic tests,External Web Site Icon Jeffrey Shuren, FDA Voice, Jun 26, 2014
Consumer information on DTC genetic tests,External Web Site Icon US Federal Trade Commission, Jan 7, 2014
Recent commentaries and insights
Changes on the horizon for consumer genomics in the EUExternal Web Site Icon
Louiza Kalokairinou et al. Science, October 17, 2014
Why genetic self-test kits should not be allowed into Canada,External Web Site Icon by Abby Lippman, Special to The Globe and Mail, Oct 16
Personal utility in genomic testing: is there such a thing?External Web Site Icon 
Bunnik EM, et al. J Med Ethics 2014 May
How a Wiki is keeping direct-to-consumer genetics alive,External Web Site Icon by Antonio Regalado, MIT Technology Review, Oct 19

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