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Ivanhoe.com Top 10 Viewed Reports 10/10/2014

Medical Breakthroughs: Ivanhoe Insider

This Week's Top 10 Viewed Stories
         1. What Your Teeth are trying to Tell You (2nd week) 
PALM HARBOR Fla. (Ivanhoe Newswire) - If only your teeth could talk. Statistics show periodontal disease affects over 85-percent of the population. But there’s more to your mouth than tooth decay and gum disease. There are some secrets your teeth could be trying to tell you.
         2. Attacking Type 2 Diabetes From a New Direction
Oct. 5, 2014 - Promising evidence that a modified form of the drug niclosamide - now used to eliminate intestinal parasites - may hold the key to battling type 2 diabetes at its source, scientists ...
         3. Memory Loss Associated With Alzheimer’s Reversed
Sep. 30, 2014 - In the first, small study of a novel, personalized and comprehensive program to reverse memory loss, nine of 10 participants displayed subjective or objective improvement in their memories beginning ...
         4. Simple Blood Test for Early Cancer Diagnosis (2nd week)
Sep. 25, 2014 - High levels of calcium in blood, a condition known as hypercalcemia, can be used by GPs as an early indication of certain types of cancer, according to a study by researchers. Hypercalcaemia is the ...
         5. Discovery of a Novel Heart, Gut Disease
Oct. 5, 2014 - A newly discovered disease, which has been named “Chronic Atrial Intestinal Dysrhythmia syndrome” (CAID), is a serious condition caused by a rare genetic mutation. This finding demonstrates that...
         6. An Apple a Day Could Keep Obesity Away (2nd week)
Sep. 29, 2014 - Nondigestible compounds in apples -- specifically, Granny Smith apples -- may help prevent disorders associated with obesity, scientists have concluded. “We know that, in general, apples are a good ...
         7. Stroke Patients Past 90-Day Danger Period: Risk
Oct. 7, 2014 - People who have had a stroke or transient ischemic attack (TIA or mini-stroke) are at high risk for a second similar event or other serious medical problems for at least five years and need better...
         8. Think You Have Alzheimer’s? You May Be Right (2nd week)
Sep. 24, 2014 - New research suggests that people who notice their memory is slipping may be on to something. The research appears to confirm that self-reported memory complaints are strong predictors of clinical ...
         9. Exercise After Knee Replacement (2nd week)
PITTSBURGH, Pa. (Ivanhoe Newswire) -- Seven-hundred thousand Americans have knee replacement surgery every year to relieve the excruciating pain of worn-out joints. At some point after the surgery, every patient starts to wonder -- how much is too much on new knees?
         10. Surviving Death: Caregiver’s Cure for Loss
DENVER, Colo. (Ivanhoe Newswire) -- More than 15 million family and friends are living with or loving someone suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. One woman’s look back on her life caring for her dying husband is helping others with their role as caregivers

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